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Mōhala Hou Ke Kapa / Kapa Blossoms Anew

Maui Arts and Cultural Center

Piʻolepo (Dirt Devil)

Occasionally we are reminded that the lands beneath our green sugar cane fields of Maui are in constant motion. Agriculture is operating on top of our island’s natural progression caused by the sun, wind, and rain. After the sugar is harvested the ground lingers until the upcoming planting. While awaiting the next crop the dry soil is blown in the wind. The black ashes from the recent cane fire are carried in the tall plumes of dust. These spirals occur as a member of the continuous cycle of growth, fire, and gathering of our sugar.

The Hula Collaboration continues. Kapa makers came together again to dress Halau O Kekuhi for a performance on Maui. I had the pleasure of participating in this alliance. In addition to the performance, all artists were invited to exhibit pieces in the Maui Arts and Cultural Center gallery.

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